Who We Are


ENSEMBLE EDGE is the first Aarhus-based chamber choir entirely dedicated to performing contemporary music, with strings. The choir is made up of a selection of the best classical choral singers in Aarhus (European Capital of Culture, 2017).
Founded by cellist Martha Marie Petri and conductor Asbjørn Faleide Fristad in 2016, ENSEMBLE EDGE — now under the guidance of conductors Mathias Skaarup Sørensen (DK) and A.J. Keller (US) — seeks to explore and develop contemporary soundscapes in works for choir and strings, written by some of the most prominent and innovative composers of our time.

Our premiere performance at RAMA Festival 2017 was a standing-ovation success. Our WORLD PREMIERE performance in January 2018 puts us on the map as a springboard for up-and-coming composers. 

We hope to continue to share our passion for contemporary choir+string repertoire with audiences from Aarhus and beyond by way of cross-genre collaborations, ranging from jazz musicians to multimedia artists


We call ourselves “ENSEMBLE EDGE” in honor of our two biggest inspirations:

The first is the image of a spectacular cliff called Preikestolen in Norway (home of our Norwegian conductor). Carved out of rock, this ancient “EDGE” is a testament to the sculptural power of nature. We select repertoire that explores these sorts of compelling themes.

Secondly, we are ENSEMBLE “EDGE” because we experiment at the cutting edge of music. We are dedicated contemporary musicians blending the complementary timbres of voice and strings in well-balanced polyphony.