“The existence of ensembles that dedicate themselves to new music is a historically critical element.
ENSEMBLE EDGE is a unique ensemble, not only because of their instrumentation, but also for their passion and commitment to the continued tradition of redefining what new music can be.
Without such ensembles, the world is deprived of the art that reacts to the world we currently live in”
- Alan Hankers, ENSEMBLE EDGE composer in residence

ENSEMBLE EDGE (est 2016) is the first Aarhus-based new music ensemble entirely dedicated to the performance, exploration, and development of contemporary soundscapes in works for choir and strings, written by some of the most prominent and innovative composers of our time. The ensemble also works to build interdisciplinary new music collaborations between Denmark and the United States.

The core of the ensemble is made up of a trio of Danish musicians:

Martha Marie Petri (artistic director, singer and cellist)

Mathias Skaarup Sørensen (conductor)


Andrea Krüger Holm (singer and producer)

in close collaboration with two artists from the United States:

Lauren Biglow (singer and PR manager)


A.J. Keller (conductor)

Together, these young artists work on making new music (especially for choirs and strings) accessible and interesting to a broader audience. They accomplish this by engaging with the best choral artists and composers from their Scandinavian-American mutual networks.

In recent years, ENSEMBLE EDGE has built up a rewarding network and close friendship to composers in the US, where the performances of two new works for choirs and strings, written by the young New York-based composer Alan Hankers, have strengthened the identity and profile of the ensemble.

You can read more about our previous and ongoing concert activities HERE!



We call ourselves “ENSEMBLE EDGE” in honor of our two biggest inspirations:

The first is the image of a spectacular cliff called Preikestolen in Norway. Carved out of rock, this ancient “EDGE” is a testament to the sculptural power of nature. We select repertoire that explores these sorts of compelling themes.

Secondly, we are ENSEMBLE “EDGE” because we experiment at the cutting edge of music. We are dedicated contemporary musicians blending the complementary timbres of voice and strings in well-balanced polyphony.