We are proud to present our first selected composer-in-residence: ALAN HANKERS (USA)

Alan Hankers is an award-winning composer and pianist, whose music creates a sonic landscape by exploring various timbres and textures. His works have been performed throughout the United States and Europe by ensembles such as the South Carolina Philharmonic Repertory Orchestra, North Shore Symphony Orchestra, Calidore String Quartet, Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Music Ensemble, Unheard-Of//Ensemble, and many others. In addition to concert music, Alan has been an active film & television composer in New York City, where he freelances as a composer and assistant at various post production houses.

Alan graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the State University of New York Fredonia. He will begin his PhD at Stony Brook University in the fall of 2017, where he will also teach undergraduate courses in musicianship. His principal teachers include Matthew Barnson, Perry Goldstein, Karl Boelter, Sean Doyle, and Rob Deemer.

ENSEMBLE EDGE cellist Martha Petri met Alan Hankers during New Music For Strings Festival in New York summer 2017 where she performed his string quartet "Elsewhere."


Our second selected composer-in-residence is DYLAN EBRAHIMIAN (USA)

Dylan Ebrahimian (b. May 11th, 1991) is a composer, violinist, and performance artist based in Stony Brook, New York and Beijing, China.

As a composer, he has worked on commission for various visual artists, popular artists, and chamber music ensembles.

As a violinist, Dylan Ebrahimian has performed and premiered works in America, Europe, and Asia, including Taylor Ackley's "Electronic Composition no. 2" at the New Music for Strings Festival in Aarhus, Denmark in August, 2016.

He studied composition with Daria Semegen, a pioneer of electronic music at Stony Brook University. A live recording of Ebrahimian's interpretation of Semegen's "Bargello" (2010 / 2015) was featured at the 1st International Congress for Electroacoustic Music organized by the Research Centre for Electro-Acoustic Music (CIME) and the Institute for Ethnomusicology - Research Centre for Music and Dance (INET-md) at the University of Aveiro in September, 2015.

Between 2015 and 2017, Ebrahimian scored a series of four short films by London-based photographer Hugo Tillman, which included collaboration with Taylor Ackley (composer), Kaori Momoi (actress), Enoch Cheng (artist), Rita Kalnejai (playwright, author), and others.

His collaboration with design artist, Naihan Li, commenced with "Music for Furniture", electronic music to accompany a design exhibit, which was held at the West Bund in Shanghai, from January to March, 2016. It continued with "Deluges", an electronic piece to accompany "Mind Palace" a VR installation, held at the Mongolian Museum in Shanghai from May to July, 2017.

In June, 2017, "Senneh", a two movement piece for electronics, saxophone, and bassoon was commissioned and premiered by Xelana at Connecticut Music Festival.

Currently, Ebrahimian is working on an album of music for violin and electronics, as well as various large ensemble works.